Jens Johansson, Sweden
OEM Manager Japan, AXIS Communications
There is probably no effortless way to learn Japanese, but with JACS it is certainly a lot more fun and I know that I'm constantly improving.
JACS Courses, Schedules and Fees

In addition to your unique teaching materials and teaching methods, we offer flexible class scheduling.

Lessons can be taken in our classroom in Hiroo (Central Tokyo) or at your home or office within one hour travel time, door-to-door, from JACS. Sorry we have found cafes are not suitable with our teaching methods.

Very Busy: 1 one-hour lesson per week
Busy: 1 ninety minute lesson per week
Standard: 2 ninety minute lessons per week
Customized or Accelerated: As long and often as needed.

50% of your lessons will be new, customized material. The other 50% will be our unique Individual Review System (IRS).


¥ 72,000 (¥4,800 per hour) for 10 ninety minute lessons*
¥120,000 (¥4,000 per hour) for 20 ninety minute lessons*

¥ 108,000 (¥7,200 per hour) for 10 ninety minute lessons*
¥180,000 (¥6,000 per hour) for 20 ninety minute lessons*

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With people you know
2 persons ¥90,000 (¥3,000 per hour) each for 20 ninety minute lessons*
3 persons ¥60,000 (¥2,000 per hour) each for 20 ninety minute lessons*
(3 person maximum)

With new people

Contact us to get on the waiting list and discuss this group's special rules.



With a screen-share system, chat software and a web camera,
you can experience top-quality lessons no matter where you are in
Japan or other countries.

30min/lesson, 10sessions, 28,000yen
40min/lesson, 10sessions, 35,000yen
50min/lesson, 10sessions, 40,000yen
Contact us to get further information

Regardless of what type of lessons you want to take, we encourage you to take the Free Trial Lesson.

1) Consumption tax (5%) is not included.
2) Lesson(s) can only be canceled with one day notice in advance.
3) Off-site lessons require a 50% additional charge, but do not need to pay the facilities rental fee.
4) Off-site lessons require a transportation fee which varies depending on your location.
5) Pre-paid lessons must be taken within four months after the first lesson is taken.
6) Super Early Morning lessons (Monday to Friday before 9am and Saturdays 9am - 2pm) have a 20% additional charge.
7) Larger block (40-60) of lessons are available, please ask your instructor.
8) One time fees...
Registration fee: ¥20,000
(depending on course)
Teaching materials: ¥3,000 (depending on course)
Facilities rental fee: ¥1,500 (on-site students only)
Free Trial Lessons Available
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