Kylie Schuyler, USA
"I look forward to each lesson and IRS knowing that my teachers, are highly competent, caring, fun teachers who are genuinely invested in ensuring my progress and success."
Individual Review System (IRS)

IRS is an original method developed by JACS which ensures complete internalization of the materials presented in lesson. The instructor will assist you individually to make your conversation skills more adaptive and more powerful.

At most language schools, you are taught a lot of vocabulary and phrases in the lesson and expected to memorize them all by yourself before the next lesson. Realistically, can anyone do this regularly on their own with a full-time job? We came to the conclusion that students need more practical review time.

At JACS, all students take the Individual Review System as well as their normal lesson. IRS involves oral training with experienced instructors, enabling you to reproduce all the words and phrases introduced in lesson at the same speed as a native Japanese speakers, in order to get you using them reflexively in relevant situations.


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