{ Semi-Private Lesson } 3 persons Maximum

Fee : 40,000yen per person
          including 10 lessons, 80min. per lesson

Time : 9:00 - 14:00, once or twice a week
            ( Druring Mon - Fri )
            Your preferable 80min. time range
            during 9-14:00 will be decided.

Level : Beginner

Option : Web-Cam lesson to catch up
               "Canceled lesson",
           (+5000yen required)
               If you would have to cancel
               lessons sometimes, but
               we catch up you through our
               Website lessons, so that you
               can make alternative lessons
               at your home by using Skype
               and GoToMeeting system
               which we can share our
               PowerPoint material
               between computers.

Free Trial Lessons Available
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