Intensive Japanese Course
No Registration Fee ! (School or Off-site lessons)

For :
1. People who just started Japanese life or Total Beginner
2. People who would like to improve Japanese skill more or Intermediate

Fee : 50,000yen for Private lesson
          30,000yen for group lesson

Schedule : 90min lessons
1. Daily Course ... 90min x 5days/week, Total 2 weeks (Mon - Fri)
2. 5 weeks Course ... 90min x 2/week, Total 5 weeks
Flexible time range

Lesson Contents :
Practical phrases used in various situations.
Basic grammars that can be applied in your daily life
will be taught as well as quick-impact survival Japanese.

Curriculum example : For Total beginner students
   Scene                                         Phrases
1.Self Introduction                 I am..., I'm from...
2. Expressing numbers      Tele-number ?, What time ?
3. In a taxi                               Right here, please
4. At Cafe                                One coffee
5. On the Street                      How can I go ?
6. At Station                             Which is bound for...?
7. At Ryokan (Japanese inn)  Can I make reservation ?
8. At Sushi bar                         Can I have check?

JACS cutting-edge multimedia materials will
improve your Japanese learning dramatically in a short period of time.

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