Barry Cronin, Ireland
Enterprise Ireland
I had studied Japanese prior to my arrival in Japan, but it was all over the place when I went to JACS for the first time. I was impressed with how quickly they diagnosed my Japanese level, found my strengths and weaknesses and then zeroed in on what I needed to work on. The classes themselves are a fluid mix of structured learning and free talking, and JACS have never failed to keep the lesson content engaging.

JACS have been brilliant in motivating me to improve my Japanese, starting with learning the vocabulary and cultural understanding I needed to work in a Japanese business environment and then moving on to preparation for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. The encouragement and instruction they gave me allowed me to better integrate with Japanese society by giving me the confidence to speak, even though everything I said may not have been word perfect! There is also a wonderful community spirit at JACS, and I am happy to say that I made good friends through their cultural get-togethers. I absolutely recommend this language school to anyone who is wants to learn or improve their Japanese, regardless of level.
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