Evangeline Manalac-Troan, Philippine
Principal Engineer, Norsk Hydro AS
I am impressed by how they quickly adapt their teaching in realtime
Fun and Personalised Teaching Techniques
that results to Highly Effective Learning.
JACS execution of flexibility is a level much higher
than I have seen compared to other language schools.
Apart from tailoring the scope and style of the teaching
method during the evaluation and planning phase, I am
impressed by how they quickly adapt their teaching
in realtime (i.e. during the lesson itself) depending on
my performance. They are always ahead in the preparation
of their lessons that pace is not a problem.
Their IRS system has helped me a lot to incorporate
the new vocabulary or grammar I learned and adapt it to
my practical situation. It also helps me remember grammar
and words I learned from several lessons back. I was also
pleasantly surprised when I learned that my lessons will be
taught alternately by a male or female teacher, which is
great for listening comprehension.
My lessons are never boring for sure!
Totemo omoshiroi desu ne!
A student who aims to learn Japanese simply for fun or
seriously will never be disappointed with JACS.
To all those who wants to learn Nihongo with JACS,
"Shimpai shinaide kudasai! Gambatte ne!"

Evangeline Manalac-Troan
Principal Engineer, Norsk Hydro AS
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