Josh McKible, USA
I can, without hesitation, highly recommend JACS. I have been to several other Japanese language schools before, but the JACS teaching method is the one most ideally suited to what I needed. While other schools rely on standardized texts and rote methods and materials, the JACS method of teaching through role playing, conversational drills, audio-visual materials and PowerPoint modules is flexible and highly customizable and exactly what I needed.

Most schools only teach what I refer to as "business" nihongo; grammar and vocabulary designed to help the foreign business person operate in an office environment. And while I have no doubt that JACS could (and does) do a great job of teaching this kind of Japanese, anyone who has even a passing familiarity of how the average Japanese person speaks outside of the office will quickly realize that there's a big disconnect between what you learn at most schools and what you can learn at JACS. I'm a professional illustrator ( ) and my own boss so I rarely have the need for formal Japanese. Also, being married to a Japanese woman and having Japanese friends, everyone I'm in daily conversation with overwhelmingly use the casual form. JACS instructors are very personable and professional instructors and can easily adjust lessons on the fly to address the different levels of polite address in Japanese and different daily situations. I finally, really, understand what most average people around me are saying! Also, being able to combine learning casual form along with reading and writing Kanji I feel like I'm finally able to easily navigate daily life here.

So if you're trying to decide what Japanese school to try, take the trial lesson and then sign up. You won't regret it.

Josh McKible
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