Kim Mal Geum, Korea
Without them, I couldn't have spoken Japanese like now.

Kim Mal Geum, 韓国

I started to study Japanese at JACS Institute last year.
At that time, I was pregnant and didn’t know even Hiragana & Katakana well. Moreover, I couldn’t go to language school because of my health condition. So I finally contacted JACS Institute and it was the best choice, I think.
Since then, I’ve been able to continue studying Japanese although now I’m bringing up a baby after having given birth.

Their lesson is so sincere and easy to understand. I’m really satisfied with the lesson at JACS.

Without them, I couldn’t have spoken Japanese like now.
If you are a housewife having tough time or someone being busy, I strongly recommend JACS to you.

Kim Mal Geum, Korea
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