Vicky Fujii, USA
Homemaker / Optometrist
Growing up in America I had little use for learning the sporadic Japanese spoken by my Grandparents. Little did I know I would end up living in Tokyo one day! After moving to Tokyo I quickly realized that I would not be able to learn Japanese on my own and to make any real progress I would need professional lessons.

I initially tried JACS based on a recommendation and their flexible schedule. After the free trial lesson, JACS was noticeably superior to other schools I researched. I started lessons with some background of Japanese, but it was a clutter of bits and pieces that I had picked up along the way. Soon after, things began to come together and make sense for me. Somehow Kamei-sensei and Kanno-sensei knew exactly what I needed, and with their expert guidance, I’ve continued to make steady progress.

JACS’ interactive, customized lessons are engaging yet systematic resulting in fast, efficient learning. I have learned Japanese that I use everyday and I continue to look forward to each lesson. The teachers convey much more than just simple translation of words and grammar. They teach the nuances of the language along with cultural background resulting in a more thorough understanding of Japanese. As a non Japanese speaking Japanese-American I was very hesitant to speak in Japanese, but my experience at JACS has turned that around for me. Their unique approach has given me more confidence to express myself in Japanese and has greatly improved my oral proficiency as well as retention. JACS Institute has the best combination of conditions to instruct anyone at any level with a desire to learn Japanese.

Vicky Fujii, USA
Homemaker/ Optometrist
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