Kylie Schuyler, USA
Since embarking on my mission to gain competence in Japanese, I have always had a strong sense that, at JACS, I am on a carefully structured, solid path of learning; a path that has been tailor-made for me. I look forward to each lesson and IRS knowing that Kamei-san and Kanno-san, my senseis, are highly competent, caring, fun teachers who are genuinely invested in ensuring my progress and success.

As the mother of five children, wife of an ex-patriot businessman and doctoral studentin clinical psychology, I must use my time wisely to achieve my objectives. I have found that JACS provides me a very efficient and pleasurable means to learn Japanese.The environment at JACS is a quiet oasis, conductive for learning and the use of audio/video in the classes is a great benefit. Since my study time is limited, the IRS concept is invaluable in giving me practice and confidence in newly acquired material.

Overall, it has been a pleasure being a student at JACS. I feel encouraged about my progress and confident that if I follow the guidance of my wise senseis, I will gain proficiency in Japanese.
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