Tim Watson, Canada
Before I joined JACS, I tried 3 different schools
and finally chose JACS for its customizable curriculum
and strong teachers.
I am confident that I made the best decision and I never look back.
As an English teacher, I have a good knowledge of
different teaching techniques and was approaching
my Japanese lessons with a fairly critical eye.
JACS never failed to impress. JACS・curriculum was always
customized to my needs and requests, and changed drastically
throughout my term. I started with learning the basics, moved to
intensive test preparation for the JLPT, and finally to
daily conversational phrases and usage of the
knowledge I already had.
Everything was well prepared and explained in a logical,
easy to understand method appropriate for my level.
The fact that lessons were one-to-one gave me the maximum
learning potential in the shortest possible time.
Finally, the atmosphere was second to none.
Both instructors created a comfortable environment to learn in,
which I feel accelerated my progress.
They also not only adapted my curriculum, but also to my learning
style allowing me to learn at my own pace.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time at JACS
and would definitely continue if I find myself in Japan in the future.
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